Hello again

You might’ve noticed that this blog has been a bit quiet for a few days…  Taking a little bit of time out to grieve with my (much) better half Susan and her family on the death of her brother Stephen, a gent if ever there was one, and a great loss.

IMG_0455Just a quick post today to say my heartfelt and profound thanks to the Dock community, who gathered round, prayed, supported and loved us through the past few days.  What an immense thing, in the midst of a stressful time, to receive a text message from the Dock volunteer team telling me that all my shifts in Dock Cafe had been covered by other volunteers going above and beyond the call of duty, and I was NOT to come in to work under any circumstances!

Is The Dock a church? is a topic of much debate.  (Well, I say debate, I mean long rambling conversations at theological college coffee tables across the land.)  If a church is where you find the warmth and grace of God’s love expressed in the practical kindness of his followers – then The Dock has definitely, profoundly been our church over this past week.

Thanks everyone!


Wakeboarding Boobs

Well that’s fairly close to the top of the list of Blog Post Titles I Never Thought I’d Use – and indeed Sights I Never Thought I’d See…

Massive respect to Sally and the Cable and Wake gang for this subtle, dignified event at the Titanic Slipways today – just part of a jam-packed few days with the Boobettes who are here in Belfast on a mission to save some lives…

15588445367_d6c5abbb51_oThree of the team are alive today because they checked – so follow their example and check out coppafeel.org (or chat to Wee Chat Buddy Diane) for more information.

And while you’re at it, click here for the full set of pictures from The Big Wooden Box

Let’s talk boobs

IMG_0417The Dock’s Wee Chat Buddy, Diane (who describes herself as a young-ish booby cancer survivor) is organising a week with a difference in Dock-world next week.  A booby week.

We’re being visited by the Boobettes (see coppafeel.org for more info) who are on a mission to remind people to check their boobs and moobs – as they put it:

IMG_437060121 copyDo you check your boobs or moobs?  Or know you should but don’t know why?  Or how?  The CoppaFeel Boobettes are coming to give you the lowdown on why it’s important to get to know your pair.

There will be some wakeboarding with flying boobs on the Titanic Slipways on Wednesday morning (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type), a Boobettes presentation at 5:30pm in Dock Cafe on Wednesday evening, as well as lots of chances to chat in the Belfast Met and at the Dock over the couple of days of the Boobettes’ visit.

Don’t miss it… if for no other reason than to see my ‘rabbit in headlights’ look of terror for the whole couple of days – I mean, the La Leche mornings in The Dock are usually enough to freak me out…  But the Boobettes are on a potentially life-saving mission so I’m going to cope!